12 August 2004

Nice day

I love you guys. Really. I love the world. Nice place really. Just think about it. Where else can you get hugs, new baby cousins, my pretty mum, beautiful flowers, cupcakes made by grandmum, country music, and a million other really, really, very nice things?

Today has been nice. (As if you couldn't tell... bosh...) Nothing outstanding to tell ya about... Mum did break out of the hospital and my new little cousin broke out, too, in a way, since she
was born this morning. Good day. [Too bad I have to work tomorrow. sigh.] I just realized recently that I get to move into my apartment next week! Oh wow! It's really soon. I'm not sure I'm entirely prepared but I am certainly ready (does that make sense?). Still have to pack all my junk and get some more junk which will also require packing. Ugh.

Once upon a time there was this tough-hombre armadillo. He was strutting alongside the highway, just contemplating his meager existence. (In this strutting and thinking he narrowly avoided running into a telephone pole, but don't worry, he's alright.) "Huh, maybe I should tryout for the US Olympic Swim team... Too bad my swim trunks are too small. Or that the team was already finalized last week. No biggie. There's always the Women's soccer team. I hear they're hott. Oooooh! The Men's beach volleyball team! That way gals would totally 'dig' me... hehehe... Wait! Is there a Men's beach volleyball event in Athens this year? Eh, who cares? I'm one tough-hombre armadillo with enough cool for a small island nation in the South Pacific. Need I say more?"
Then he stumbled upon a medium-sized rock just sitting in his path, acting like it's nothing to be sitting in an armadillo path. This was confounding to our dear armadillo. Throwed him for quite a loop, so much so that he had to roll himself into a tight little beigish-armadillo coloured ball just to think straight. At this point the armadillo (and honestly, I too) was astounded to find out that you were still reading this crap. Make up an ending for yourself if you need to. This is all I'm writing on this subject for now.

Whoa. Where did that come from? Anyway, good night, ya'll!

The world belongs to the energetic.- Emerson


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