11 August 2004

Rain, work, and hospital

Ugh... Today has been rather rough with me.
Started off with the 2nd Great Flood (complete with a plethora of thunder and lightning) occurring outside as I woke up at 5:15 this morning. Had to get ready for work early so I could leave for work early... so I could make it there safely and all. Was a real Biotch, truly, to drive through... Often I could hardly even see the road. Which isn't a good thing when it's dark and there are lots of other people on the highway too. Kinda scary. Then I get to work and my patient's room has a huge leak in the middle of the ceiling. Like, they had to move his bed into the doorway to keep from getting him all wet last night. Isn't that disgraceful? They couldn't even freakin' move him to a non-leaking room? WTF? That pretty much disturbed me more than words can express. If that was my dad or uncle or whatever I would be pissed beyond talking, which is totally unusual for me. Anyway. We'll all acknowledge how messed up that is and move on.

I wasn't there 20 minutes when I was DC'd (discontinued - they didn't need me anymore). Okay. I drove 45 minutes in a deluge and now you're sending me home? Crikey. Well, I didn't go home; I went and waited with my dad in the outpatient waiting room waiting for my mum to get out of minor surgery (no, not cosmetic since my pretty mum is too pretty already. She got mistaken for my sister the other day. Should I be offended or flattered? I chose flattered at the time, just in case you wondered.) I stayed there until she was moved to a room and settled in as comfortably as possible (she should be home tomorrow) at which time I headed homeward for my little Dork. He was with Grandmum at her "little" brother's house. Ate lunch with them and then came home to do housework. Good times.
Please, if you would, send up a little prayer for us. I know Mum will be alright but prayer is much appreciated none the less. Certainly cannot hurt anything, right?

Sorry I'm not a better hostess right now. I can't think much and shall thus put off more comment for later. Please accept my humblest apologies?

Thy fate is the common fate of all; Into each life some rain must fall. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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