15 August 2004

Life since Thursday

Howdy all ya'll! Golly! Lots of things have happened since my post Thursday... The continued 100% humidity level is just one on that list. As I mentioned Thurs. Mum got to come home. Missed her much so very glad, though Dad has enlisted me to help make sure she does not do anything she is not supposed to and it is rather hard to follow the rules when she wants to bend them a little (just a tiny, small bit).
Lots of family has been around town, mostly to see my new cousin (she is a cutie). We have done more family events this past week alone than we have done previously during this summer. Guess that is not unusual for us but worth mentioning all the same since I am going to be at school for the next four months or so, therefore do not anticipate actually seeing much of my family. Which is sad. Thank goodness for phones and email.
I made cookies yesterday afternoon. Yummy chocochip. Only have about 4 left. (I've been eating too much lately. Not getting fat but dangerously tiptoeing on that ledge. Just need to get back into an exercise routine. That's it.)
Oh. And I went to the ZZTop concert at the Zoo Amphitheater yesterday afternoon/evening. Interesting. Didn't know many of the songs and the opening band (Cardboard Vampires) fairly sucked. Lots of funny people to watch and laugh at. Lots of drunk people, bikers, scantily clad young women, shirtless men of various ages, old people, preppie-looking young boys, and various other perfect stereotypes. Quite a hoot. Not sure I enjoyed the night's festivities as much as some of my fellow patrons (especially since I did not consume any alcohol or illegal substances) but would definitely do it again. Maybe a band I know better next time...
Well, Dork is watching Kill Bill without me so I must cut this short. Tootles!

If you can laugh at it, you can live with it. - Erma Bombeck


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