29 August 2004

Friday and Saturday, always a good time

Wow. It's been since Friday. Seems like it's been a whole week.
Classes Friday went alright. Boring for the most part but alright. Our kitchen bar finally got installed around midday! Yea! (Well, yea that it is finally here. It rather sucked while they were putting it in since I was stuck in my room... didn't feel like it would be a good idea to hang out with the scary workmen all by myself. I'm not better than them or stuck up or anything but just me all by myself with three huge carpenter dudes isn't exactly my idea of a great time, ya know?)
Friday afternoon was great. Did some studying (almost enough to make me physically irritated!) A friend from Okarche stopped by and kidnapped us all, then forced us to enjoy dinner at IHOP ("us all" being Julia, Sharice, and me). What a hoot. We all got to laughing so loud (okay, I'll be fair and say it was mostly me being loud but everyone else was laughing, too) that several other patrons gave us 'mean' looks since their chocolate milk obviously wasn't as exciting as ours. (We found out that Julia should have had a Bar Mitzvah when she was a 13 yo boy.) To top off that experience the host guy, who looked just like he should be a butler, thought I looked just like Lindsay Lohan. Ick. Guess what my new nickname is?
From IHOP we traversed the streets of Norman until we reached the Honors dorms whereat we had to stop in and visit Melissa, our favoritest RA. We followed her down to the Cate RA office and 'helped' her for part of her shift. Actually we just laughed some more, this time at Homestar Runner and various other really funny stuff. Had to cut the night short(ish) because I had to work early Saturday and, besides, we were all rather tired anyway.
(Question for those who know: DJ did take that hideous orange hat back with him to Stillwater didn't he? We really don't need that kind of "filth" around here. lol)

Saturday and work went alright. Work was work and that's about it. I went back home to visit family (again lol). This time was my mum's younger sister, her husband, and their kids (4 yo Janell and 2 yo Ben). We all went out to eat at Chili's. Made a huge mess and had fun none-the-less. I even got to share a dessert with Janell, which proved she could, in fact, make a bigger mess than I could. Good times. I visited Grandmum, stole a lamp from the extra bedroom at home, and drove back to Norman before it got too terribly late. Tried calling Dawn but just got to talk to her grandmum. Called other friends to check up on them. Got back to Norman just a little before Julia left to go party like a pop star. Watched most of Romeo and Juliet before Sharice got back in from babysitting like the wonderful cousin she is. Studied a little before heading off to bed a little after midnight.
Woke up lateish this morning. (0930 is late for me) Got dressed, etc... been puttering around trying to avoid studying. It's inevitable. I'm going to have to do it. Might as well start now, right? Ya'll have a great rest of the weekend and a mighty fine upcoming week as well. TTYL
Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those I love, I can: all of them make me laugh. - W.H.Auden


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

lol yes, DJ did take that atraucity (sp?) of a hat w/ him...I wouldn't have let him leave it here! And yes, the life of a rock star is quite amazing...tho I don't think many rock stars go to mexican clubs...

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