31 August 2004

Whatever road you chose, I'm with you win or lose -~- Forever Young!

I like that song. Good times (it's on the radio right now).
(Oh, and Julia, I do get out enough... Paul is just so that c-word that I have to talk to him or at least listen attentively. Otherwise, who knows? Could mean the end of life as we know it... Ahhhh....)
Wow. I know I sound psycho but I really, really enjoyed dance class yesterday. Absolutely the best part of my day. I'm disappointed that next Monday is Labor Day and, thus, there's no dance class then. Thoroughly broken-hearted am I. Lovely Julia drove me to and from class. Thank you! I got to talk to Brad and Houston (friends a year older than I am that went to my HS) at break and after class. Even got to dance with Brad. They're both just a hoot. It was awesome to get to catch-up with them after not even seeing them for so long. I miss my cool HS friends (note: this doesn't mean all my HS friends were cool, I only miss the cool ones, see? LOL). I might get to see Houston later tonight at a function at her sorority (I'm only stopping by long enough to say "Hi" since my week is so crazy chaotic). Good times.
Stayed up late last night after dance doing homework and reading. Took a couple of short breaks to talk to my captivating roomies. Julia finally got to hear the long, boring story of my 'big' fight with my "older brother." Dawn specifically ought to know about that one. ("wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more") Enough said.
This morning I didn't want to get up. Really, really didn't want to. Finally did and read my anthro assignment just before I left for Physics discussion. I don't much like physics discussion. Rather boring and tedious. Anthro was fun. Mythology was easy and boring, not to mention freezing (almost needed my ski jacket!) My myth teacher is like a cheerleader all grown up but lacking some of the confidence. Makes for an interesting combo. (Man, I'm mean. I should stop.)
I was going to write about the current thought I'm thinking but it doesn't make any sense. Sorry. I'll try to think harder and write about it later.
I saw Lynn (old suitemate) and Morgan today. I really like getting to talk to people I know and get along with well. Always makes the day better. Yea!
Now I'm off to more studying. I only hope to survive... lol.

Dancing is a wonderful training for girls, it's the first way you learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it. -Christopher Morley


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