01 September 2004

Additions and good times

I've added/changed a few things... you can now email my posts to your friends (it goes in the form of an email, just FYI) and I have a scrolly bar thing! Yea! Isn't that exciting? If any of that stuff gets annoying let me know and I'll change it for my adoring public. LOL
I had fun last night despite the physics homework. The event at Houston's sorority was fun. I didn't stay the whole time (it only lasted 2 hours anyway); I really only went to get to talk to Houston. She's a hoot. The house is nice, prettier downstairs than up but that is to be expected (same way at my home I suppose). I've been invited to do "lots" of other "stuff" with them (this was by some of the sisters who want me to join their house) and just come hang out anytime (by Houston, bless her for not trying to convert me to the Greek life). I really did have fun in the short time I was there but I fear I would laugh too much if I hang out there very often. Can't help it; that's how mean I am. They are all really nice girls but some of them just aren't as quick as others to "get it" which is terribly tempting to exploit. Houston got to laughing at me laughing at them. Rather funny, I'm just glad she wasn't upset at me for sorta mocking them (they never figured that part out methinks; thank goodness). I really need to grow up a little; I was over polite and cheesy - played the part to a "T". Good times.
Class this morning was boring. Just note taking and trying not to fall asleep. Thank goodness the Jennifers were there to keep me awake.
BYW I hit my head on our entertainment "system" last night. I'm such a tard. ("it huwts Joolya, it huwts")
Anyhoo... I gotta jet off to class now. Have to work tonight so there won't likely be a post again until tomorrow. Tootles ya'll!

Humor is just another defense against the universe. - Mel Brooks


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

I'm so vewy vewy sowwy that is huwts Mitsy! (btw, that's not a typo)

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