07 September 2004

I am

Howdy ya'll! It's Tuesday. I just got done with classes... yea!
Physics discussion was boring... another group problem that we couldn't use our books on (which sucks major arse).
Anthro wasn't too bad, rather funny actually. The music at the beginning of class was sneaky-sounding, like Pink Panther movie music. Made me laugh. Greatness. He showed us footage from his own research, this one of a Witchita-Delaware powwow in Anadarko. It was pretty darn cool. Made me really regret not getting to go to my uncle's powwow a couple of weeks ago (it was the day after Mum had surgery so I stayed with her while Dork and Dad went). Sounded like a blast.
Anyhoo... near the end of class as I was putting my stuff away (prof was reading out the names in each study group and being a "B" I was in the first group named, of course) the guy sitting next to me handed me a note:"your smile is amazing it blows me away I just wanted to tell you that!" Talk about strange/funny/unexpected/nice/slightly creepy all in one shot. I haven't even said more than maybe 5 words to anyone in that class, much-less to him in particular. Who knows? Mayhaps my smile is just that darn captivating. Yea, I'm sure that's it. (And if you believed that one... I've got some nice property on the moon that's for sale...)
Mythology was as simple as ever. Took a ton of notes. A plethora even. Mostly just enough to make my hand hurt (I'm such a wuss). Turns out we have a quiz next class (Thursday). Should be a piece of cake. Yea for easy tests!!!!!
Ew... yesterday I spend all afternoon studying. Ugh. At least 3 hours of that was on physics homework alone. Not the reading or text homework, just the online problems. Crikey. Barely got my anthro reading done just in case there was a reading quiz today. This being a 'good student' thing really sucks. I missed having dance class...
I've been working a lot recently on my Anthro PFJ (personal field journal - which is supposed to be written in at least once a day along with the actual assignments we are given to do as well). Brought back from home some colored tissue paper, ribbon, pressed flowers, etc to make it all pretty. Well, mostly because I know my writing isn't going to be all that wonderful and maybe prettiness will give leniency. Hopefully, right?
Well, back to the grindstone... give me a shout and I'll crawl out of the depths of my books to answer ya as soon as humanly possible. Have a great evening!!!

Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training. - Anna Freud (Sig's daughter, lol)


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