06 September 2004

It's Labor Day

Okay, I'm back from home. This ist just a quick shout so ya'll won't worry. I had a good weekend. Cleaned house as soon as I got home but even that was rather fun. Ate too much Friday at the Outback. That chocolate tower thing is awesomely wonderful. Saturday I worked in the morning. Easy shift. Chilled with the parents and Dork that night. Sunday I woke up early and went running then walked Chaco with Mum. We went to a coupla malls that afternoon (all of us). I visited Grandmum just as soon as we got back in town. She's doing alright. Good gossip. Then Dawn showed up at my house so I had to leave Grandmum's early. Dawn was there with Marie and Josh, Dawnie's new BF-type guy or whatever she calls him. LOL. They're doing alright. Dawn might come visit me here sometime this week. I hope so. Miss having her around. After they left I made a coupla pillows for our couch here in Norman. Only took about an hour or so. They're very pretty. This morning I spent most of my time messing around getting ready to come back here and talking to Dad. That's about it. Now I must get to my belated homework so I don't get behind in classes. Peace out, ya'll!

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.-John Ruskin


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