12 September 2004

"Just another day in Paradise..."

Honestly I don't have time to be doing this right now but I have to. I'm freakin addicted!
Yesterday at the race track was fun. Rather hick-ish but fun. The Boys were hilarious (Sean and TP). Gotta love the young ones...
Work this morning wasn't too bad. The report I got from the previous sitter would have had me believe I was going to spend a day in Hades but not so. It was really a pretty darn good day. Not the best ever but certainly no where near Hades. Guess it depends on your outlook on life. The guy before me is always so pessimistic in his report that I always expect the very worst; like so bad that I'm going to hand in my resignation in the middle of my shift or something. I haven't yet so obviously work isn't that terrible.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's dance class. I really, really am. Gracious, how I love dance class! Wish I could fast forward through the hateful O Chem quiz and evil Physics and go straight to dance. I'm such a freak. Love ya'll!
Know who else I love? My roommates! They rock. Make me laugh so much. I also love my family. Heard from Daddy today. Called just to check up on me apparently, even though I just talked to them yesterday. Who knows? But I always love talking to them so they could call everyday and I would still be delighted to hear from them. I love comments too. You should leave me one (or some, I'm not picky). I love my long hair. And pink toenail polish. And the movie Drumline, which I saw for the first time today. And my Chaco dog and Sushi, Julia's beta who is almost as precious as Chaco. And I love the thought of God's laughter. Wouldn't that be truly awesome to hear? Just think about it for a minute and tell me that doesn't make you at least grin. Did I mention I love ya'll?
Keep it real folks and I'll be talking to ya again soon!

A man is what he thinks about all day long. - Emerson


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