19 September 2004

It's almost Monday again!

Hey. What's up?
This has been a short weekend for me; seems like it just started and now it's ending. What's up with that?
Friday was forever long, though. Organic chem never seemed to end. I truly think these MOELD things are sent to plague me especially. I don't really understand them very well, that's why I've been studying my butt off (just look, I have hardly any butt left. hahaha...). Yet they still perplex my poor little head into aching. Evil O Chem. After chem I went to the Honors College to get advised since I'm masquerading as a smarty-type person. She wasn't much help but then I really didn't need any help, just someone to lift the advising restriction off of my enrollment. She was just amazed that I already knew what to do about pretty much everything. Took her a while to realize I'm a Soph and will likely be a Jr by Christmas. How silly of her; if I didn't know this stuff by now I'm worse off than even I thought. Anyhoo, next semester is looking rather scary: MicroBio, Human physiology, and O Chem II, all with labs. That's all I have left, other than CLEPing out of American Gov't, which would be super easy if I just went to do it. (Procastinating is one of my weaknesses recently.) I still have to stop by the ZOO Dept to get permission to take physiology but that's no problemo. Just need to start making up my schedule for next semester...
Physics test was a mo'fo. Inefficient passing out of tests and answer sheets drove me nuts. Totally stupid way of doing things, if you ask me. Then the test was hard. I know, I know, if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be a test but I like to think I knew enough about this stuff to make it at least livably hard. Which it really rather wasn't. Eh, oh well. I at least passed.
I went home right after I got back from Physics. I was so, so ready to go home. I love being home. It smelt funny though, not haha-funny but huh?-funny. I don't know why that it was but I cleaned up the kitchen and bathrooms, which seemed to help some. After Mum got home we went out to eat at Zio's and had all the fun we usually do. Dork and I are a sibling comedy act just waiting to get noticed, though I end up laughing so much it probably wouldn't be all that entertaining for an unbiased audience. What a hoot. Stopped by Hasting's on the way home and my wonderful daddy got the Labyrinth on DVD for me! Yea! I really love that movie, ranks in my top ten of all time favorites. Dork and I visited Grandmum as soon as we were back in town. She's such a hoot. Talking about garage sales and people she knows. She's doing just fine. lol
Saturday I had to work the morning shift. Not terrible but I would have rather slept in, of course. When I got home Dork was gone with Aunt Pam to the OU game here. When he got home late he had an awesome sunburn but sounds like he had a lot of fun. I just watched the game with Dad at home while Mum studied for classes. Good game; not really a question of who was going to win but still fun to watch all the same. Really nice to have a consistantly winning team. Mum, Dad, and I watched the Labyrinth while we ate dinner (Dork got home at the very end of the movie). Ended up going to bed rather late.
Sunday morning started off at 4:30am with a phone call from a great-aunt to tell us her brother, my grandfather's brother, was in the hosp. Dad rushed off to grandpa's, Dork and I moved the vehicles out of the way, and Mum got ready for work since she had to go in today to get ready for Joint-Commission this next week. I was so awake that I couldn't go back to sleep so I ended up going running in the dark at 5:15 this morning. Good times. Then got around and dressed just in case I was needed for anything (which, turns out, I wasn't but how was I to know?) Watched TV with Dork for quite some time (there sure isn't much on at that time on Sunday mornings). Put away the laundry, started the dishes, packed to come back here, walked Chaco to the park, and generally tried to be useful. Dad didn't get home until right before I needed to leave for here. Great-Uncle is still in the hospital, not doing very wonderfully. Any prayers would be very much welcome and appreciated. (Thank you) Got to talk to Dad for a bit. Was glad to have gotten to see him before I left. I really do miss them all so much when I'm down here.
Drive here wasn't eventful. I've mostly been studying since I got in. Checked my emails briefly. Took a break to eat, talk to the girls, and to watch a smidge of tv with them.
See, that sounds like I had a full weekend, which I did, but, perhaps because it was so full, it seems really short to me. I don't know about that but I do know that I'm going to bed early tonight. After some more chem studying. Aren't these supposed to be the best years of my life? Well, I won't argue that they are, but is there anyway that they could be less stressful? Please? Thank you. Good night ya'll.

be silly. be honest. be kind. -Emerson


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