15 September 2004

Flying around trying to get to the finish line first...

Tuesday: Physics discussion was another group problem. We got answers, who cares if they were right, right? I don't think this type of discussion class helps much at all but no one asked me. As I was waiting to go into POTW (peoples of the world, Anthro) I got to talk to Deirdre from HS. She's doing alright, looking happy, etc. She has a column in the OU Daily paper, isn't that neat? I already knew and have been reading it each week. In POTW we had to get into assigned groups, pick a leader, etc. Then watched a film of film clips to helps us get started in "observation". Like pick out the things in a situation that are familiar to us, things that aren't, differences and simularities in situations, etc. Made me sad again since he got to talking about how cell phones have a piece of mineral in them that is mined in a third world country where people fight over and sometimes die over those little bits in the phones. Isn't that sad? Almost makes me want to become Amish and leave the rest of the world to itself. Myth was long and boring again. This time about water gods and creatures. Good times...
After classes... I came back here and finished my physics homework, Mum came to visit with her sister and my cousins for a bit, I cooked dinner (chicken and rice), watched TV with Julia for about an hour, looked at Julia's pictures from HS and last year, played Uno with Sharice's cousin Nathan, and did some more studying in-between all that. Finally went to sleep a little after midnight. Yea! Sleep is great!
Today's been alright. O Chem is the devil. Hard stuff. Then I came back here to eat lunch after stopping by the CAC Publicity Week stuff on the South Oval. Physics was just there; neither good or bad. Now I'm about to leave for work. Don't really want to go but I do need the cash for college so there I go. Gotta turn in a schedule for October today... ugh... how am I supposed to know what is going to be going on then and plan accordingly? I can't! AAAAAAHHHHhhhhh!
Anyhooo, ya'll keep it real and I'll get back with this asap.... (I have a test in Physics Friday, so wish me tons of good luck for it!!!! I need all the help I can get...)

"Tempus fugit et nos fugimus in illus. (Time flies and we fly with it )" -Ovid


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