22 September 2004

Prepharm yesterday...

I've been feeling a bit lost lately. Not exactly sure why. Want to get "out there" and do something but haven't figured out what yet.
Pre-pharmacy meeting last night was interesting. Which is to say that the meeting itself was boring as heck but the everything surrounding the actual meeting was fun. Getting there was hilarious because they had it in the Regents room at the Union, which is on the other side of the ballroom from where I came in at... so I had to go back downstairs and around back up... very funny. Just wandering around looking vaguely lost... I'm good at that. Got there and found out there was someone there I "knew" or rather who knew me from HS. He was a junior when I was a senior and since I didn't have any classes with him I didn't actually know who he was. He knew me though. Guess that would creep me out if I wasn't used to it already (alot of the kiddos in Dork's grade know me, and most of the current HS kids know me since I was involved in everything). Anyhoo, we had a good talk and made sarcastic remarks all throughout the meeting. Some girl out in the hall was loudly talking on the phone to someone. She kept screaming, "No! That isn't possible!" and "I just can't believe it!" And really. It was great. Made my life better I know. The club secretary thought she knew me already until she realized I just looked like Lindsay Lohan.

Why, oh why, did she have to say that? I actually thought she was a decent person until then. lol Of course I'm joking but honestly, I don't like being associated with that girl.

Okay, well, if I don't leave for class now I'll be late, so ya'll have a great day and lots of fun!

If you can't be kind, at least be vague. - Judith Manners


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