06 October 2004

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Yikes! Has it really been since September 1st? Wow! Guess what I'm doing right now? Come on! Okay, fine, you got it... Yes, I am avoiding studying before a big test tomorrow. How did you know? Am I that transparent? Would wearing more clothes help? Or a hat? I'm totally listening to my Enrique Iglesias 7 cd on repeat. Have been for the last 5 hours or so as I studied. At least I now have something to alternate with my Maroon 5, right? I'd really like to make cupcakes right now. But I can't, or rather, musn't as I am now a hermit in my room because being a hermit means I no longer need Organic chemistry and thus can actually go to sleep sooner than later. That and Julia ate 2 eggs, leaving only 1 which is not enough for cupcakes... unless I go to the store which is a biotch... I hate WalMart. It's truly evil, I'm convinced of that fact. It's the truth, for sure. Another truth is that I am so delightedly happy that there are no classes this Friday for me, since it's OU-TX weekend! Yea! I'm going home and playing with Chaco, visiting Alicia, and just generally being a kid again. It sucks having to act grown up all the freaking time. I'm not and I know I'm not but I have to pretend to be so "they" don't find out and send me back to HS, which isn't really something I want to re-live, if ya know what I mean. Anyhooo... my application to pharmacy school is due on November 1st and I'm taking the PCAT on October... well, on a Saturday, can't remember exactly but very, scary soon... These things will partially decide my future, how freaking nuts is that? And I am scared beyond scared but have erected a lovely facade to the world so no one suspects. Don't tell them, please. That would be just so very embarrassing. Unless you wore a funny hat. Then it would be alright.
Okay this is enough for now. Love ya'll and have a lovely week!


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