14 October 2004

Huffy of Doom... Doom... Doom...

Yeah, should be studying but I'm not.
Sorry about the rain in... Auckland, was it? (I just really thought that was a funny bit of a retarded song...) I'll work harder at being more fair with distribution of rain... for now I'm just two not one or three... who knew?
(And Julia, I know you're so jealous. I'd better lock the door again tonight... just in case you do go "Patsy Kline"...)
And before ya'll read this, I actually did have a wonderful, beautiful day. Just have to be a raving village idiot on here sometimes so ya'll will keep thinking I'm normal-ish.
Want to hear my opinion about something rather, well, non-important? Gooooood...

I am so freaking sick of pedestrians, who are walking in the bike lane, glaring at me, a person riding a bike, as I avoid hitting them and, thus, risk my own life at the hands of other pedestrians and various trees, cars, light poles, etc. Don't they understand it is a bike lane? I don't really mind them being there so much as I mind the evil glares that insinuate that it is my own darn fault for riding a bike in the first place when I am clearly not coordinated enough to manage to ride it without hitting people who are walking where I am supposed to be riding. They are so right. Next time I'll try riding in the air. Or maybe on the grass so I can be accosted by renegade bands of squirrels wielding acorns of scorn and strife?
Maybe I should just ask the Preacher guy out in front of Dale Hall what to do. He would know. He apparently seems to know the answer to everything in this world and the next. Did you know kissing is the same as adultery? And all sorority girls are going to live with Hades when they pass on from drinking and fornicating too much? And that wearing mascara is another form of wearing the evil one's numbers? And wearing lip gloss is obviously meant to tempt all those poor, unsuspecting, chaste, little boys into doing things they would never think of on their own? I think he just has a big problem with women in general. Everytime I've stopped laughing long enough to hear anything at all, he's bad mouthing girls as sluts, which granted, we of course all are all of the time. But I digress...
Pedestrian I have been and often am when I leave my evil Huffy of doom. But in those brief moments of sanity as my sneaker-clad feet caress the sidewalk... Wait! Did you hear that? I walk on the SIDEWALK! What a novel idea! A sidewalk, a sidewalk, whatever should a person do on a side-w-a-l-k... ? It puzzles me... s-i-d-e-w-a-l-k... it's just so deep, I can't get my brain around it...
Ranting a little? Yes. Only because it happens every day as I politely ride my Huffy of doom in the bike lane, not taking up space on the sidewalk, or really, even near the sidewalk, I get mean glares... especially from those who have decided that the bike lane is the perfect place to hold their current party, board meeting, wedding, or funeral, as the case may be. These lovely groups of individuals reserved that particular space of bike lane months ago and how dare I intrude on their gathering? How rude of me to want to go to class! I should be ashamed of myself and my dirty, double-wheeled habit!

Okay, enough of that. That is absolutely the last I will say publicly about said topic. Really. THE last!
Have a Happy (evil pedestrians in the bike lane) Friday tomorrow!

"Tombstone graveyard
Blackest day I know
Wedding, funeral
Parade of sorrow
Pedestrian Pedestrian
Pedestree, pedestrian"
~ Pedestrian - Grinspoon


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I know exactly how you feel. Keep up the good work.

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