22 April 2005


I am home.

I love being home.

Such a lovely place, such a nice feeling. The roses are all blooming or about to bloom (Mum has around 60 or so rose plants in the gardens around our house). The yard is looking beautiful and the roads are familiar. The committee for making life suck has yet to remember that I live here. It's just a matter of time but I am enjoying the reprieve though being here means I watch a ton of tech tv. I've realized the trade off is fair and I don't really mind. Cat is staring at me. Meeeow!
The Dork and I went to play tennis just a couple of hours ago. I am so glad that the courts have lights and that tennis isn't terribly popular around here. We had the courts all to ourselves and it was a good thing since we use up two courts just by ourselves. That's how... good we are. Something like that. Perfect weather for tennis really.
Saw the Big Bounce tonight. It pretty much was very frustrating for me. At a few points I was ready to give up on watching to the end but then I remembered Owen Wilson was still in it and thus made the movie just a little livable. And the end was full of justice, which I appreciate.
I think I made a 'B' on that physio test I took this morning. That's what I've been doing lately, studying physio. I know all I ever wanted to know about the respiratory, immune, and urinary systems in the human body. And I'm still pretty darn good on the heart/cardiac system. The next test on my plate is Organic next week. Not looking forward to that one at all. But live and survive, right? Still no word from pharm school...
Guess that's all I wanted to say for now. Happy weekend to you all! Love and good wishes.

"There ain't no rules around here! We're trying to accomplish something!" - Thomas Edison


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