03 April 2005

Weekend Update

Dude, I am so tired. This is going to be a random collection of this weekend starting with Friday...
After I finished that last post I took Sharice to class... then headed to the Medieval fair with Julia, Mel L, Morgan, Alex, Katie, and some people I don't know but who know Mel. Was quite interesting and rather funny. Morgan and I made friends with a little kid who taught us how to use the tire swing properly. (Yes, we were playing on the jungle gym/playground stuff. Yes, we're both supposed to be adults.) That was such a hoot. Julia and Mel got pretty henna tattoos. (Go look at their sites; I think they have up pics.) Lots of funny people dressed up, many of them with their dogs. Left around the time the fair day was winding down.
Later most of us met up again to hang out. Ended up here at our apartment playing cards, baking cupcakes, and singing along to funny songs. ("We" in this case is Mel, Alex, Katie, Morgan, and Jessica. Plus Julia and me, of course. And Sharice after she got off work.) We had such a blast.
Saturday morning I had to get up early to go help out at the Big Event. Went well and we got a ton done. My little group with
ALD went to East Main Place, a half-way home type thing here in Norman, to do "landscaping." Were supposed to have 8 of us, ended up with 4, all girls, so when we got there they underestimated us and thought we wouldn't get much of anything done. Which is not what happened. We got all of the major goals accomplished very well and were glad to have done it. Good times... I should have a pic for this soon...
Hurried back here, jumped in the shower, and packed as quickly as I could. Mel picked Julia and I up and we headed to Stillwater. Met up with DJ, Mike, and Allison then on to
Eskimo Joe's for dinner (Jaymi and Jenny joined us there. And I saw Donnie from HS there!) Afterward walked over to the Beta house to hear The Neighborhood play. It was a very good show. DJ got Phil to sign him. lol (Saw Aspen there) Meandered to the Sigma Nu house to visit Mel's cousin and then down the street to see some of their friends from Okarche.
Back to DJ and Mike's for the night. Stephen from HS showed up since he's a friend of Jaymi's. Played card games and talked about totally random things. OHHH!
And we played with Herc and Joey. Herc is DJ's pomeranian puppy and Joey is the cat. Pretty cute when they were playing with each other. Herc is just a puppy and Joey isn't very old either so they have random wrestling matches all over the place. Herc is incredibly hard to take pictures of...

That's all I have for now... We made it home this morning without incident. Fun times. I dyed my hair purply-black. Looks rather tacky. Like the red better...
"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." -Rodin