18 April 2005

Monday again

"You are an obsession, You're my obsession. Who do you want me to be...?" I've had that song stuck in my head most of the morning. Who knows why? I don't really even like that song, it's just very catchy. Craziness....
There was a very tame squirrel outside of my physio class today. He was just chillin' out in the monkey grass near the sidewalk, munching on leaves (that's what it looked like; probably wasn't what he was really eating, right?) This one cannot be part of the squirrel rebellion squad. He just seemed much too nice for that. He had pretty, shiny eyes. HE can't be evil!
Saturday night Julia and I got bored. Thus we got Starbucks drinks, drove through the cemetery, and just randomly cruised around Norman. Got back here to eventually watch "Hope Floats". Very nice. Worked Sunday morning. My poor patient, who was very confused, told me he thought he had died and was in Purgatory. Made me think a lot after he fell back asleep. What if this life is our own personal Purgatory? Oooh! Or what if our dreams each night are part of it, like a demo version? (I thought of that one because I've woken up with scary dreams a couple of times this week...) Anyhoo...
Funny stuff: This bunny is cute and funny!!! Julia had this classroom musical link on her livejournal... It's so funny; Wish that would happen in one of my classes sometime.
"...I'm so good. Ok, bye!" So that's it... Happy Monday!
"My life reads like the classifieds. Pages of what's for sale, what's on the auction block? Attention bidders, it's Lot 45. He's got a decent voice, he's got that crooked smile. But hold on, you haven't heard the best yet! He writes great storylines, he's got those honest eyes. So take him home for just $9.95! He'll sing the songs you like, he'll keep you warm at night. (Chorus) Back down, cash out, that's the city for ya. Break down, back out, and get what's coming to ya. When you said you were falling apart, I thought you meant you were falling apart. I'm not the type to forget about nights like this, when every single move that I make is documented, and scored for style points. The once ambitious one now holds the smoking gun. If I die in my sleep, are you still willing to be everything you promised you would be. (Chorus) Will you be the first one to tell the neighborhood papers, and all my family and friends that still care? Did you buy what I sold, did you feel what I told you? I hope that you still do. Will you promise yourself that this isn't all we've got? (Chorus)" ~~~> Classifieds ~The Academy Is...


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