15 May 2005

I love Cowboy boots

I'm home for a bit... But I forgot all of my pants down at the apartment so had to return to retrieve them. I can be so stupid sometimes... (BTW Julia, I fed Sushi. Either he'll get fat or he'll be happy. Either way doesn't seem that terrible.)
Birthday party last night was fun. Good times. I now have more tennis balls than I will ever use.
I have boots. Cowgirl boots. And they are not pink.
Clickers. Gotta love that this is now just a thing others know about...
Played tennis this morning and again this evening then ran for 40 minutes. 2.42 miles. Yeah. I kick it.
Chaco really missed me. He totally freaked out when I got home. Quite cute.
Speaking of cute, Dork called something cute. Something inanimate. Funny or just funny-to-Misty? Methinks funny.
Showed my younger cousin around campus a little today. I think she was very impressed. She was very surprised to find that we can wear hats in class. And keep our cell phones on. And just leave if we feel like it. Strange new world huh? We're just rebels like that...
Sleepy time now. Good night ya'll!
"Modern art is what happens when painters stop looking at girls and persuade themselves that they have a better idea." - John Ciardi


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