07 June 2005

Family times

Been home a few days. Always a good time, cha?
Visited the grandmum yesterday. Now have a lovely sewing machine all my very own. And I feel special. Thank you Grandma.
She's a hoot though. If I start acting like her I would appreciate someone telling me. Sure signs: Collecting figurines and pictures of yard fowl (ie chickens); talking town gossip on the phone nonstop to people I barely know; planting things and immediately forgetting the real name of the plant in favor of a made up name that no one else has ever heard of; taking trips to the store that involve visiting at least 3 relatives with 2-5 acquaintances on the way optional; giving advice that makes no sense and often turns out to be the opposite of sensible; repeating tips from the evening news meant to scare young relatives into good behavior; buying used clothing at garage sales 3 sizes too big for kids who have no intention of wearing aforementioned garments. These are just a few of the eccentricies I plan on acquiring eventually. Listening to Dolly Parton regularly just doesn't seem to be possible nor does basing my entire political views on Southern Democratic platforms from the 1970's (I doubt I will ever get misty-eyed when talking about JFK and Jackie). I don't see those happening but I suppose I could try. A few that would probably be a good idea to actively avoid would using ethnically derogative slang terms (she's better than MTV sometimes at introducing me to new words) and wearing shoes that are at the least a size too small. But that's just a personal opinion. I love my grandmum. She makes me laugh. And she feeds me. Woo for Grandma!!!
So I guess I'm cheating by writing about someone who will never read what I write about them. Is that unfair? Oh well. You call her and tell her what I've said. I'll apologize if any of it was erroneous.
My cat is chilling out in my little rocking chair next to me. I'm sitting in my bedroom at my parent's house. Rocking out the wireless internet that Dad just perfected. He's awesome by the way. Mum, I've almost managed to use up all of your coffee creamer. Yum.
Dork is away at the hospital today at orientation for Volunteens. Yes, same hospital that Mum and I work at. Volunteens is a program that allows troubled teens from the biblebelt suburbs to interact in constructive activities with each other in a controlled environment... Or maybe it's really just a program that has highly motivated teenagers volunteering at the children's hospital (helping deliver flowers, answer phones, etc). Whatever. Same thing. Can you tell that I personally benefited from the program when I was a youngin'? Two years of mayhem and I'm still alright. Right?
If ya can't tell I'm just rambling. Cat still sitting here.
I got to see my aunt and uncle's new house. It's very green inside. Old people owned it before so it has lots of artificial flowers and funny little carved pineapple decorations. Cracked me up. And there's this little shed thing in the backyard that reminds me of either a gatehouse to a creepy mansion or a mausoleum in a cemetery. There's a little brass lion knocker on its door and I just expect it to one day come to life and scare the beejeese outta me. But it's a great house and I hope they like it as much as I do. My aunt's birthday was yesterday and they came over to visit while I'm home. They're pretty much my favorite relatives outside my nuclear family unit, if favorites are even possible in such a fairytale family as mine. Such a hoot. I convinced my aunt, uncle, Mum, and Dad to all wear hats as we talked in the living room. Wow. They really did it. I must be truly loved for them to humor me so much. lol
I think that's enough for now. Tootles.
"What ARE you doing???"
"A word warm from the heart enriches me." -Emerson


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