02 June 2005

Sniffling is sexy

Happy Thursday!!!
I'm sitting here wishing my laundry knew how to fold and put its self away properly. Instead it just sits on the floor laughing at my feeble attempts to get it finished when it very well knows I'd rather finish conversations with my friends via IM's. The socks are the worst. They're the bad apples of the whole lot, making things worse since I just dread folding socks. Not that I do it all fancy. No. I just fold the top of one over the top of its mate so I can find a nice matching pair when I'm frantically running late in the mornings.
Not that I ever do that. Run late, I mean. Never. Not me.
We, Julia and I, finished her top that we had started a few days ago. But. When we were about to start sewing mine the sewing machine pedal thing decided it was tired. It slipped into a coma and is still in critical condition. Needless to say, my top is nowhere nearer being done than it was when the machine died. It's going to be pretty though. Silverish colored. Julia's is greenish. We're going to take a picture together with our pretty tops on and I'll post it on here for sure.
Rumor-that-has-been-confirmed: My N.O. brother Ryan has a gf!!! Woo and congrats! (Though I know I speak for all of your N.O. siblings in saying we miss you!!!! Norman is a sadder place w/o our Grand Poobah...)
Let's see... Since Friday I've worked a ton. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and today (Sunday was a double!! Sixteen hours straight at work makes me appreciate those nice days of classes...)
Julia and I have made several trips to Starbuck's. Rollerbladed on campus after dark. It was very nice. Pretty weather for it.
And I've gotten a summer cold.
I can't breath through my nose or smell a single thing and I've spent most of the day sneezing at the most inopportune times. Which is terribly convenient of course. I'm not sure whom I can blame this cold on... Dawn's brother (I've heard he's sick now)? Dork via Mum (she's always a carrier... lol)? Julia (though methinks I might have gotten her sick, not the other way around...)? Who knows? Not that I'm suffering. I'm just amazed at the hilarity of a summer cold. Everyone at work asks if I have allergies. Oh yeah, that's it... (Yes Dad, I've been drinking water. Gallons. And I have the local-grown honey covered as well. No, I haven't gargled saltwater yet. Putting that one off until I'm absolutely sure that I am dying.)
I STILL haven't heard from pharm school yet. It's June now folks. Seriously.
Rudeness. Making. Me. Mad.
I temporarily dyed my hair red again, though a brighter red than last time. I liked it. Got lots of compliments too. Causes me to momentairily consider making it permanent... but then I come back to earth and realize that I don't have the patience to keep it looking good/hide the roots all the time.
*~*The following is a dream I had and thus not really worth reading unless you're bored*~*
I had a weird dream "the other night" (I can't remember exactly which night, just recently. That's what the quotation marks are for... duh lol). I was with several of my HS/OU classmates and we were working on some sort of charity/volunteer/mentoring project. Before we left to get supplies or whatever this guy in my class, who I respect and think very highly of, called me out in front of the whole group about my swearing. Apparently he thought I was being a bad influence on the rest of the group by using too many curse words. I dished it right back at him and let him know how disappointed I was in his leadership skills. I, personally, think I was wretchedly intimidating and witty but you know how dreams are. Well, then we all piled into cars and headed to Medicine Chest Pharmacy (this gifty-store in my hometown that happens to have a pharmacy in the back...) to get cards and flip flops for some little kids. That's about all I can remember. Weird though. Have no idea where this came from or why. Good times.
Well, Good Night and have sweet dreams. I'll think of you, you'll think of me... (that's from a song by Hydraulic Sandwich... makes me laugh to just type their name...) Love to ya'll!
“As he was valiant, I honour him. But as he was ambitious, I slew him.” -William Shakespeare in Julius Caesar


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