14 June 2005

Flag Day Funness

Been awhile, eh? Today is my grandmum's birthday. Also Flag Day.
Started my shirt that is similar to Julia's. Turns out we didn't break her mom's machine. We were just too stupid to realize that the footfeed only works when the sewing light is on. Duh. I'm still just shocked that we didn't think of that one sooner. Not like we're just starting home ec. and in 6th grade or anything. Goodness.
Finally saw that movie Spangish last night. Pretty darn wonderful movie. I would recommend it.
Had my most frustrating patient ever at work yesterday. Suffice to say that I would never physically or verbally assault a patient, especially one that is mentally ill, but that this particular fellow made me slightly wish I didn't have such good moral values and self control. Grrr... How can anyone be so manipulative and verbally abusive of their own parents and caretakers? I understand that when one is in pain patience isn't easy. Does it really call for straight out violence? Effing A. Anyway. Just thought I'd share.
Guess I'll get some sleep. Good night!!!
"The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them."~William Clayton


Anonymous galen adoringly said...

And here i thought my roommate made that quote up... that thief. that's why i room with him.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous galen again adoringly said...

Oh, and tell your grandmum that i said happy birthday :D

12:39 AM  

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