22 June 2005

Truck is home!!!!

Yeah... Wednesday...
I was supposed to work a double today. They didn't need me so I'm not at work. Funny how that works, huh?
My truck decided Sunday night it did not quite like that whole starting and moving thing anymore so it didn't. Start or move. Which was terribly convient considering I was at the tennis courts with Dork and it was very dark outside. Also many friendly bugs were there. Nothing doin' though, truck did not wish to leave quietly. Thus pretty white truck spent Monday, Tuesday, and this morning at the vehicle-fixing-place for vehicles-that-seem-to-be-sick. Now is fixed/conviced that starting is good and nice. I am very happy about this. The being fixed and running part. Much rejoicing will/has occurr/ed.
Ya know that shirt I was making?? Well, I finished it. And it is pretty. Also it is much too big for me to actually wear. As in really doesn't fit very well at all. Eh. At least it kept me occupied for a little while, right?
Ya know how I mentioned that I didn't make it into pharm school this year? It seems everyone else around me thinks I'm taking this much harder than I am. It really doesn't bother me. True that I am disappointed but really only with myself and the system the school uses. Mostly myself. But that's how I've always been. I didn't cry about it nor have I decided to adopt a dozen cats or anything equally as "interesting". I'm happy living life so why would I let one little setback ruin my day/week? Anyway, this is just to let everyone know I'm doing fine. So don't worry or freak out for me, ok? lol
Dad trimmed my hair for me this morning. He only took off about an inch but I can still feel the difference. Weird, huh? I don't know if I mentioned it but Dork's hair looks pretty good with the tips done. Looks even more like a 'prep' now than ever before but I still love ya bro! (muhahahaha!)
Ok, well... Love and laughter to ya'll. Call me if you get bored or need to hear more of my rambling! ~M


Anonymous Brian adoringly said...

I bet the evil underwear knomes messed up your truck...

10:55 AM  

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