20 December 2007


I'm still alive. Tonsils out. Feeling fairly well but a little weakish. Am glad they gave me a benzo before they started the harder stuff bc it's nice to not remember that stuff. Only remember the pre-op room then the "recovery" room where I apparently was very nice and wished everyone who would stop long enough to talk to me a Merry Christmas. And I bonded with the woman in the next bed over though I can't remember a bit of what we talked about. And they brought in a young guy on my other side who told Mum I was pretty or something like that so I think he was still on drugs because by that time they had this ice pack thing strapped to my head. (I really didn't understand how that would be helpful if the swelling is all on the inside of my throat but how "with it" was I to question their doings?) That or he was being sarcastic??? I was beyond caring at that point (still am). In the pre-op room I talked to the anaesthesiologist about which meds they were planning on giving me during the whole ordeal. I was pleasantly surprised to recognise several of them. And the nurse hooked me up to a bag of antibiotics that I knew about (an older class of cephalosporin)! Yay!
Now to take a nap or find something to drink. I'll decide once I get to the bottom of the stairs.
Love to all and if you feel like it leave me a message!


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