26 December 2007

Christmas Continued

Still surviving. Taking lots of naps and drinking lots of fluids...
Went for a brief shopping trip with Mum Friday to run her errands. Pushed myself a little too hard and as we were walking out of the last place it hit me that I really just wanted to go home (so thank goodness Mum doesn't have the shopping gene that induces hours of fun filled shopping) and take a nap. Saturday we picked up around the house a little and wrapped presents. (Oh I did manage to sew a few presents before my surgery and a couple after!) Out of state family arrived safely just ahead of Skronky then we headed off for our family Christmas party. It was at my great-uncle's house this year and my great-aunt went all-out on the food and decorations. (Her house is always gorgeous) Enjoyed the gift exchange and such. Went home a little early due to wearing myself out. A lot of the family ended up at our house afterward since the out-of-staters were staying with us. Yay for Apples to Apples! Sunday morning we all slept in and then Skronky and I did our Christmas since I wouldn't be able to make it for his family's party. (He got me a block of goat's milk soap base that I've been keeping my eye on to give a try sometime - Knows me too well!)
Christmas was wonderful. My favorite gift from Santa was a Dyson root 6 (ie a handheld vacuum that is basically kick butt). More fun with family and a nap or two (or ten).
I've been so blessed. Thank you to all of my friends and family who have been praying for me for a safe and fast recovery from surgery.
And love to everyone - I hope your holidays are as wonderful and blessed as possible!


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