13 October 2008

baking up some karma cookies

If you're interested in wine tasting, specifically Oklahoma wines, then I'd suggest attending this function at 50 Penn Place on Nov 15th. I am personally looking forward to it, having secured a DD and entrusted myself to mi mama & auntie who both also enjoy a nip of the vino now and then. There are even workshops offered that day that sound interesting (wine tasting with a sommelier, food & wine pairing, and how to grow grapes in Okieland). What's not to love??
I made some cookies this evening and contemplated, as they baked, how nice and homey cookies are. My chocolate chip cookies aren't pretentious or fancy but soft and flavorful (it's the added almond extract that inserts an extra unexpected kick). Cooking and baking are so like compounding in a chemistry/pharmacy lab, in my opinion, that I find it odd that many of my pharmy classmates profess to be inept at cooking. They require recipies, ingredients, measuring, mixing, and "touching up" just like the most basic of chemistry lab exercises do. Hmm... Mayhaps it is a ploy to procure free cookies? (great idea! What was I thinking??)
Had an interesting weekend with Skronky. Got to watch him work magic on some kitchen plumbing and am impressed beyond words at his newly-revealed skills. I hope to incorporated these skills into a master plan for taking over the world some day but please don't spill the beans to Skronky or he might go fishing that weekend instead. My plan working requires the utmost secrecy and discretion (causing me to rethink posting such on the internets. Yes, plural. Internets.)
That is all. Good luck and good night.

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