23 September 2008

Pesto Presto!

School's keeping me super busy with TBLs, tests, meetings to run/attend, an all school picnic to plan/execute, and a million little busywork projects to figure out. I'm counting down the days until this Module is done... Argh! I cannot even begin to gripe about that one since it's a mute point, the whining doesn't fix anything, and it only comes off as pettiness. Just know there is a flood of things I would like to elaborate on but dare not. Less than 10 whole days and no more of that business.
Made up some pesto tonight from basil that I scavenged from Skronky's basil-overrun garden. It's really so simple to make that I'm not sure why I haven't been making it for years (other than the fact that I have never in all my life been presented with such a plethora of basil). Tasty too.
It's Rush week for my fraternity at school thus the 'wearing of the tshirts daily' is in full swing. And free food - that's the best part. I just don't have the time this year to get to meet and know the new P1s like I did last year. Perhaps I've hit my capacity for learning new names? Let's hope otherwise. Oh and the theme this year is " The Amazing Race" from the tv show that I've never even seen half an episode of making it hard to dream up helpful ideas to contribute. Thank goodness I'm busy...
Back to studying for tomorrow's TBL on infertility and polycystic ovary syndrome - thrilling, huh?

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