03 September 2008

Rabies Policy

So, while sitting in lecture hall during bathroom break in class I opened up my email to see if there was anything interesting, critical, or at least worth reading. I was rendered incoherent with laughter when I found this little gem forwarded from Mum (originally written by one of her co-workers so neither of us can take credit for the funny that follows):

[Medical Center on my campus] RABIES POLICY

Don’t get bit by rabid dogs. Rabid dogs are not allowed in the facilities and therefore bites by rabid dogs are not permitted. For this reason rabid patients (or patients exposed to a rabid dog bite) will not be seen or treated in the emergency departments to avoid the risk of them biting another patient/staff member.

In my defense I was caught completely off guard so, yeah, it isn't hilarious but didn't it make you smile??
Have a beautiful day!



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