09 September 2008

Optimistic snot

I ab dot well. By dose is tuffy add by troat tickles. (That is pretty much how I sound)
Yay for school! The stress of starting the third week of this semester crashed around me with some sort of nasty virus or allergy or something terribly heinous in the way of a biological devil to torment my sanity. I had to call in sick for the first time ever at work (Only the 2nd time I've EVER called in sick to any job, thank you very much). Thank goodness we were somehow already scheduled to be well staffed.
It gets pretty hard to stay optimistic about school sometimes. "They" do their best to rob the experience of any fun or wonder it might have once had. Don't let that glimmer of passion or hope for your profession shine through or it will surely be dashed as quickly as only they know how.
Optimism, right?
Mum's roses are blooming beautifully outside. Our yard looks like a cute little garden park with little hidden surprises all over (oh, I meant delightful splashes of colorful roses, what did you mean? Dog poo, no, I hadn't considered that one...) The hummingbirds have been out fighting over the feeder when that blasted human thing isn't outside "reading", whatever that is. They pretty well ignore the dog-things which are loud but can't jump very high.
Looks like the little white truck might be fixed after all! Thanks to my daddy and uncle Davie we're up and running! Woohoo!! To think they work for mere pizza... 'Tis a mystery, for sure.
Back to studying Diabetes... Please don't ask me if you have any of the risk factors because I won't want to be honest, i.e. you probably do if you eat more than 1 Big Mac a week. (Internal shudder)
Love to all and to all a lovely rest of the week!

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