29 January 2009


School's up and going again after a couple of days out for icy winter weather. I was very surprised when my campus closed Monday at 1pm (causing me to miss four hours of lecture, such a huge loss) and stayed closed until this pretty Thursday morning. Happy as I was to skip my four hour lab Tuesday morning, by Wednesday late afternoon I was more than ready to get back to school. I didn't leave the house all day either Tues. or Wed. but the dogs told me it was cold outside.
Congrats to Skronky on his new job! Yay!
Have you heard about the conjoined twins that were born on my campus this last October (Children's medical center on campus in case you're worried that they debuted in the student union or something)? They were surgically separated last week! Isn't that something?
I'm re-certified to do CPR now... And have been re-HIPAA trained... And have taken the time to unearth from the bowels of my filing box the background check that the school did on me 3 years ago to make sure I'm a "safe" person to have around... More of the hoops we have to jump through before P4 year starts. The next thing to look forward to is learning to give immunizations. Yes, someone out there thinks they want me to be wielding needles full of antigens toward unsuspecting children and seniors. At least we get to practice on each other first (i.e. I'll be torturing one, or more, of my classmates in a couple of weeks). So if you get a hankerin' for a sore arm in a few months just shoot me an email...
After two days off school I should be rested and ready... but I'm sleepy so it's time for a quick nap and lunch before class at 1pm. Hope you're staying warm and safe.



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