13 February 2011

Is it cobbler or cobler? Either way, the peach kind is yum...

Thus far today I bathed both dogs, tidied, dusted, and vac'd the living room, did 2 loads of laundry, and baked a peach cobbler. Pretty much in that order. My coping-by-cleaning method of ignoring things seems to be working, for now anyway.
Would be sewing something but Mum's hogging the sewing machine.
Well, yes, we do happen to have at least 4 other sewing machines I could pull out and set up but that sounds like more work. Also they're dusty. And maybe a bit rusty? Probably not crusty. Or musty. Eeww. (Others that are unlikely: busty, gusty, lusty)

My to-do list is pretty big too. Keep adding to it without checking things off since most of the items seem to be weekday 9-5 type tasks, like dropping off my stuff to have my taxes done or getting my checking account at the bank changed to a different kind (since I'm a big girl now with a real job and don't have to have the student account I've been utilizing since I turned 18). Then there's the stuff I'm not sure I'll ever get around to doing - like getting any dry cleaning done. I try not to buy dry clean only clothes but sometimes it's unavoidable - like a bridesmaids dress in my closet that currently has a little chocolate spot on it. Boo. I *could* just pretend it's not there. It is such a tiny spot. In a really noticable place... argh....
I also have a to-craft list. Lots of ideas I'd like to make or attempt. Seem to go through spurts of crossing off a passel of those and then have a dry spell before another spurt. (ha. That last sentence makes me giggle)

Wow. What a boring post for a day off work. At least the weather is great - It got up to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit today when just Thursday this past week it was in the single digits! Went from wearing a ton of layers and double socks to a t-shirt and jeans all day! Whoa! :) Still boring...


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