09 March 2009


Oh wow, so yes I am updating from class. No, I’m actively trying to ignore the lecture. If I don’t ignore the lecturer I just might chuck my coffee mug toward the podium. Making this much more difficult than it needed to be and using, for example, a research report that is completely a piece of garbage (i.e., horribly planned, poorly written, and without merit, either statistically or clinically). Seriously???
I think if I turned to violence and threw my mug I would not get my mug back. It is possible that no one would know where it came from and I could escape consequences but that is so highly unlikely in a class of >80 people – someone would notice and mention it. Ah, well. I suppose I should be nice and just ignore.
Had a busy weekend yet again. Final for module Friday afternoon followed by a bachelorette party that evening. Interviews for the next admitting class on Saturday followed by studying & slacking off. Lunch with Skronky on Sunday then off to work.
I really wish I had time to cook or bake something. We’re having a potluck lunch at school later this week so I might just have to wait until then to whip up something amazing. The parents are trying to lose weight so it sounds like it’ll be slim pickin’s at home for the next couple of weeks. (Or I’ll fend for myself a little…) It just seems so cruel to make good smelling, unhealthy food in the vicinity of those trying to not eat as much crappy food.
(It is so hard to keep from banging my head on the table – our class question girl is bantering with the inept professor, competing to see who can be the most ridiculous.)
Okay, on to more mindless surfing around the internet. Love and happy thoughts to all! (apologies for my whining)

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