13 June 2009

short update

Seems that I've been bad about posting... Apologies are likely in order. Lots of excuses and a few good reasons but still. I should be keeping up better.
Have started my first rotation for P4 year of pharmy school. I'm at a local independent pharmacy that's located in a doctors park this month. It's a really nice place to get my feet wet and start getting acclimated to the scene. They do about 150 scripts a day and do NOT have a drive-thru window so that's pretty awesome. They let me do a lot of compounding, which is fun. My only worry about the compounding is wondering what messing with all those hormones all the time will do to me in the long-run. But surely it will be just fine, right?
Am listening to Relient K alot right now. I am so digging their song Must Have Done Something Right off their newest album.
Helped with pharm graduation ceremony. Really looking forward to my turn, though I heard that I don't get to have Mum hood me. Which is something I really was looking forward to as well. Jerks.


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